Some recordings-in-progress and non-released tracks can be found on our Soundcloud page. Our albums, however, are released on ​Bandcamp. Here you will find our two track EP, Neon Heart, from 2017, our five track album Trio from 2019 (both with fantastic cover art by Agnes Kern), and our two two-track EPs, Tupolev and Allting from this spring.


On 29 May, 2020, we released our six track vinyl LP Neon Heart in a limited first pressing of 100 copies, with fabulous cover art by Alexandra Kern. Order it directly from us, or via Bandcamp.

Read the fantastic reviews we received for our EPs and Trio over at Babyblaue Seiten, the German language prog encyclopaedia. In the Trio review, the reviewer calls Neon Heart a modern version of Can, saying that Trio places us firmly in the highest division of contemporary krautrock!

In Babyblaue Seitens list of 322 albums released in 2019 and reviewed by them, our Trio clocks in as one of the 17 best albums of the year - sharing this distinction with 46 other albums by artists including Fire! Orchestra, King Crimson and Pere Ubu!

Babyblaue Seiten gives our Tupolev EP a very favourable review,  concluding: "With this short downloadable ep, Neon Heart again prove that they are one of the most interesting and independent representatives of contemporary Krautrock."

R e c o r d i n g s

Neon Heart

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