Neon Heart is a psychedelic kraut impro group based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Neon Heart is music appearing out of nowhere, materialising through our collectivity. There are no tunes.

The egolessness of West German "Krautrock" is at the heart of --- our Neon Heart.

Neon Heart is psychedelic music for improvised dreams.


Summer-autumn 2021

On 11 September, we are having our release party at Snotty Seaside. Tickets are sold through Billetto, please see the link on our FB page. This is a triple release party, for our debut lp Neon Heart, the temporaria cd, and lp.

temporaria is available both as a cd from us, and as a vinyl lp from Adansonia Records. You can buy both versions directly from us  and through Bandcamp.


Our lp Neon Heart is still available through Bandcamp, or directly from us, or from Pet Sounds if you are in Stockholm.

We are finalising an album to be released as a double-cd this autumn. We want to release it as a double-lp, too, and are looking for a label to collaborate with on this project. Please contact us here if you are interested.

For this, and all the latest on us, we refer you to our Facebookpage, which is constantly updated.

We are forever the Music Workers.