Neon Heart is a psychedelic kraut impro group based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Neon Heart is music appearing out of nowhere, materialising through our collectivity. There are no tunes.

The egolessness of West German "Krautrock" is at the heart of --- our Neon Heart.

Neon Heart is psychedelic music for improvised dreams.


Spring 2021

The vinyl lp edition of temporaria was released by the German Psychedelic and Krautrock label Adansonia Records on 29 March, 2021. Order the lp from Adansonia, on our Bandcamp, or directly from us.

temporaria was released digitally on 11 December. It was also released in a limited pressing of 200 glassmastered cds with beautiful cover art by Alexandra Kern. The cd is still available from Bandcamp, or directly from us.

We have no gigs planned at the moment. However, as soon as the pandemic will allow, we will have gigs -  and a triple release party, for our debut lp, the temporaria cd, and now lp.

Our lp Neon Heart is still available through Bandcamp, or directly from us (slightly more affordable), or from Pet Sounds if you are in Stockholm.

We are still busy mixing our latest round of recording sessions, for an album to be released later in 2021. Exciting new material is still emerging from these sessions. However, the pandemic still dictates that we socially distance ourselves, but we will resume recording again as soon as the situation allows.

For this, and all the latest on us, we refer you to our Facebookpage, which is constantly updated.

We are forever the Music Workers.