Neon Heart is a psychedelic kraut impro group based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Neon Heart is music appearing out of nowhere, materialising through our collectivity. There are no tunes.

The egolessness of West German "Krautrock" is at the heart of --- our Neon Heart.

Neon Heart is psychedelic music for improvised dreams.


Winter 2021-2022

On 31 December, we released our new album Livet/Ytan for digital streaming and download.


Livet/Ytan is conceived as a double-album. In late February 2022, it will also be available as a glass-mastered double-cd in a limited edition of 300, in a 6-panel ecopack with cover art by Alexandra Kern. The cd will be available from our Bandcamp, and directly from us.

We want to release Livet/Ytan as a double-lp, too, and are looking for a label to collaborate with on this project. Please contact us if you are interested.

The release party for Livet/Ytan has been postponed,
due to the pandemic...

First out to review Livet/Ytan was Radio Capodistria and Rock Radio UK. This was their verdict:

"a Top Festive contender for my 2022 album of the year [...] an entrancing journey of musical fulfilment. [...] it's an electrifying sacred chain charged with overflowing psych kraut rock moments, serenaded with experimental post punk flashes. It's a volcanic explosion. It's a flaming red hot lava and it is your job to pacify it."

For this, and all the latest on us, we refer you to our Facebookpage, which is constantly updated.

We are forever the Music Workers.